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PAW is the holding company originally established to rapidly deliver websites to South Africans. The sole focus of PAW is to deliver AFFORDABLE AND FUNCTIONING websites to start-up businesses and small enterprises with a quick turnaround time. This means we have to keep costs to a minimum by saving time. To save time we use only one theme we are familiar with and we only use plugins we are familiar with and that are free – thus no need to charge for the time to do research on new themes or plugins or charge for plugins.

However, as time progressed we found that some of our e-commerce clients had envisioned more elaborate solutions for their visuals and e-commerce solutions and the scale of those productions did not fit in with our pricing plans, the budgets of most clients, and time constraints. Hence SRO was established to deal with these more sophisticated websites.

PAW still provides e-commerce solutions to its clients but those solutions are simple one-client, one-shop solutions with a fixed theme. SRO now focuses on clients of PAW with higher expectations for their e-commerce solutions which would include marketplaces, chatbots, enhanced vouchers, subscriptions, composite products, enhanced WhatsApp with multiple contacts and scheduled business hours, bookings, etc. All these additional items add to costs, mainly licensing for the software, and development time and pricing are different for clients of PAW and SRO.

Download our Profile HERE – in there you will find more information on what we do and don’t do.

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